01. Lost, stolen or damaged cards 

The card has a magnetic stripe that stores all the data necessary in connection with the use of the card. If the magnetic stripe is damaged, this may lead to the loss on the data stored on it. Also, contact of the magnetic stripe with other magnetic fields, such as the magnetic fields cashiers use for the deactivation of anti-theft devices, magnetic locks of bags and purses, and even magnetic fields mobile phones may lead to such data loss. Please avoid any adverse environmental impact when using or storing your card.
In the event of loss, theft, fraud or any other risk in connection with an unauthorised use of your card and/or in the event that your card is damaged and/or does not work, you should immediately contact our customer service. You will be asked by our customer service to provide your personal data so as to verify your identity. You will be liable for any unauthorised transaction taking place prior to such notification. Any such unauthorised transaction will reduce your available credit balance. If you find your blocked card again, at a later point in time, you should inform the customer service thereof.
You may order a replacement card (subject to a fee) via our website and/or our customer service. The fee in connection with this replacement card will be deducted from your available credit balance. In the event that the available credit balance is insufficient to pay this fee, you will not be entitled to have a replacement card issued. Replacement card orders cannot be cancelled.

Issue of replacement card/subsequent card is connected with a € 3 fee.

In your customer account “Mein Konto”:
If you visit your personal customer account on our website under www.meinticketshopping.de you have the possibility to order a replacement card. By ordering a replacement card, your old card is automatically blocked. When ordering your replacement card, please use the navigation point "Ersatzkarte bestellen". In the next step you either confirm or correct the address you provided to us for the delivery of your replacement card. Any subsequent changes to this delivery address are not possible! Finally, press the "Absenden" button so as to prompt your order.
With this, the production of your replacement card is ordered and the remaining credit balance on the card to be replaced will be transferred to your new Ticket Plus® Shopping. The processing and delivery time is approx. 10 working days. The replacement card will be sent to the address indicated by you within this period of time. Your new Ticket Plus® Shopping will be ready for use upon receipt and comprise all former credit balance bookings. Together with your new card you will also receive a new PIN which can be found imprinted under the card in the accompanying letter.

If you wish to order a replacement card with a correction of your name, we are happy to arrange this for you. To this end, please directly contact our customer service via email or phone.

Please note: for each replacement card a fee in the amount of 3 EUR has to be paid and will be automatically debited from your card credit balance. Should your remaining credit balance be less than 3 EUR you cannot order your replacement card here. In this case, please directly contact our customer service. 

02. PIN lost | Can´t remember PIN

With your customer account “Mein Konto”:
You will receive your new PIN by simply accomplishing the following 3 steps:
Please use the navigation point "PIN vergesssen".
1. Select the Ticket Plus® Shopping in the field below for which you require a new PIN and confirm by pressing "Absenden".
2. You will receive a 4-digit reset code.
3. Then, call our service hotline under 089 12140700 and select menu option 2. Please be ready to enter the reset code required for obtaining your new PIN.

Please note: this reset code is NOT your new PIN. This code only permits you to generate a new PIN via our service hotline.

You will need your PIN for all your transactions. Don't forget your PIN and don't disclose it to any other person.

Without customer account:
Unfortunately, the transmission of a new PIN via email is impossible due to security reasons. Please contact the customer service by phone under menu option 4. We will then be able to assist you with the provision of a reset code. You can reach us by phone during our service hours Mo.-Fr. from 08.00 a.m. to 05 p.m. 

03. Possibility to make additional payments

If the amount of an invoice is above the amount of the credit balance on your card, you will always have the possibility to pay the difference between these two amounts. We kindly ask you to first pay the difference in cash or by using another card (dependent on the respective dealer's cashier system) and, subsequently, pay the rest with your Ticket Plus® Shopping.

04. Purchase online codes 

In your customer account “Mein Konto”:
Cash in the credit balance on your Ticket Plus® Shopping into voucher codes of our top brand partners. If you cash in your balance in the online shop you can decide from which card the corresponding amount will be debited. In order to be able to cash in your card with an online partner, firstly you have to acquire online vouchers in the online shop on our website.
Please follow the log-in procedure under "Anmelden" by entering your email and password and then select your favourite partner under "Online shop". You may now select the desired voucher amount (the numbers can be adjusted on the next page) and cash in the selected amount from your Ticket Plus® Shopping by entering your PAN (the last 4 digits of your card number on the card face).

Basically, this code will be sent to you via email within a period of 24 hours.

You may now cash in this amount with your favourite partner on the corresponding provider's website. Please observe the maximum number of cash-in possibilities per voucher code. They may vary depending on the partner.

It's as simple as that:
1. Select voucher
2. Confirm GTC “AGB” and click on "In den Warenkorb legen".
3. Complete ordering process.
4. Receive voucher code and link to cash-in site via email.

05. Create customer account "Anmelden"

In order for you to benefit from all your card's advantages, we kindly ask you to register with our website. This site offers you the possibility to have a reset code displayed, to order a replacement card, to administer your cards and to buy vouchers of our online partners. To this end, you have to create a customer account on our website under www.meinticketshopping.de. Upon successful registration, you will receive an email with an activation link.

Please complete the registration form and then click on "Konto anlegen".

In so doing, your Ticket Plus® Shopping is automatically registered with us. For the activation of your personal account you will receive a separate confirmation link to your email address. Your personal account will be activated only after executing this link. Thereafter, you will be able to log in with your email address and your password and enjoy all the advantages of your account.

Please observe the following steps required for a new registration with our website:
► The 10-digit serial number can be found under the magnetic stripe at the flipside of your card and starts with a 3 (please do not enter the last 3 numbers in bold).
► PAN is not equal to PIN! You can identify your PAN by checking the last 4 numbers on the right side on the card front.
► Your password must be composed of at least 8 characters. In order to guarantee the security of your password it should comprise at least 1 capital letter, 1 lower case character and 1 number.
► Please do not forget to confirm our terms of use.

06. Cards | Validity of credit balance 

The date of expiry of your card can be seen on the card face. If you did not receive any subsequent card, you will not be able to either use your card or use the available credit balance upon expiry. Upon your card's expiry transactions will not be processed any longer. If you wish to have a subsequent card upon the expiry of the validity of your present card, please contact our customer service so as to have a new card issued. Provided you are entitled to receive a new card, this card will be sent to you for a fee of 3.00 EUR. The available credit balance will be transferred to your new card.
We reserve the right to refrain from issuing a new card to you. You will not receive a new card if our programme manager informed us that you are no longer entitled to possess such a card or if the remaining credit balance on your card is insufficient so as to cover the issuance of a subsequent card pursuant to Article 9 of our Terms of Use.
Any amount on your card available upon the card's expiry will not be replaced or repaid to you and will be subject to an administrative fee. Pursuant to Article 9 of our Terms of Use, your account will be debited with a monthly administrative fee three months upon your card's expiry. This fee will be debited from your account on a monthly basis until the available amount is used up and/or until you have been issued a subsequent card pursuant to Article 6.3 or our Terms of Use. 

07. No cash payments

Cash payments or using the card at an ATM are not possible. 

08. Loading your card

You yourself cannot load any credit balance onto your card. Provided that you continue to be entitled to participate in the programme pursuant to the company's requirements, the programme manager will credit an additional available amount to your card upon receipt of the company's instruction and at the company's discretion.
You herewith acknowledge that the frequency according to which your available amount is updated only depends upon the company's application for the issuance of e-money. 

09. Where can I use my card?

You can use your card throughout Germany with any of the dealers associated with the programme at the time a transaction takes place. Associated dealers may withdraw from the programme at any time, however. There is no right to claim that dealers continue to be associated with the programme. The card can only be used in associated dealer shops.


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